Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Final Post

Over all, I am happy with the quality of my video. I do wish my voice would have come out a little more energetic but at least I got my voice on the video. I had some trouble getting a microphone that worked with my computer. I finally got one that used a USB port to record. I think if I had the time to change something, I would change my voice. I would record it over again and make it a little less bland.
 I think that I showed my thesis fairly well. At some point I think went off on a small rant but I think it didn't get my point across. I think that I proved that men and women interpret things differently and after digging into the details of the project a little bit more, I understood where the Dr.Pepper people were coming from. But I do think that they should at least take the commercial down because it is very offensive and sexist.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dr.Pepper blog post 2

   Honestly at the moment all i'm doing is just typing this because i'm doing the project at home. But as i work on the project at home, I think about how well it will explain everything about the Dr.Pepper ad campaign and how amazing it will look. My next steps are to get a microphone that I can plug into my mac at home so I can record to the voiceovers. That is the biggest step.
  The biggest challenge I will have is getting the microphone and writing the script for the video. As I work, I learn that Dr.Pepper does not see anything wrong with their ad and I can see why they think that. But they forgot how sensitive people are. Especially women and they should have thought through what the ad is to make it a little less blatantly sexist.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

iMovie Dr.Pepper

   At the moment I just finished writing my proposal about the iMovie Dr.Pepper I am going to create. As I am going deeper and deeper into this project I am thinking about how I will get the clip on to iMovie and how the audience will take to it. The commercial is very controversial and it seems to be sexist. Many people both men and women are sickened by this ad that Dr.Pepper will not apologize for. The next step I am going to take is to get the clip into iMovie. Then I will debate whether to do a voice over or just out words on the screen that explain what I am thinking of.
   The biggest challenge that I face is what to put on the screen if I do a voice over. As I work on brainstorming I'm finding it harder to think of cool effects for the video besides just the clip and voice overs. But while I'm working I'm learning more about iMovie and how some companies would rather have a good reputation than have happy customers. That is something that makes lots of people sick and outraged. I think making this project will be hard but I am willing to make it work and make it look great.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Jessica Lynch

Out of the four clips that we watched i thought that the last one which was the movie Saving Private Jessica was the most interesting. I think this because movies have more drama and it was more heightened so therefore it was more interesting and appealing to me.

I think the clip that had the most credibility and was the most believable was the clip by the US forces because it has information straight from the rescue and they could have seen the whole clip so they know what happened, but they could not show the whole version.

I think that the movie was the least accurate because they put things in that didn't actually happen in reality to make it more interesting to the viewers.

I get my information from Fox News because that it the news channel that i agree with. Of course they have mostly conservative anchors but they also have shows that have liberals idealists and debates. But they say the truth and if they didnt they would get in big trouble.

Friday, December 23, 2011


    In my opinion the movie Rio was fantastic and after reading the articles for "pro Rio" and "con Rio" i was sort of enthralled. I only felt like this because I thought the movie great and most of all there were very little stereotypes to none. The con Rio article was looking to much into the movie. I did not notice almost any of the "stereotypes" that they said were in the movie. If I did not notice the stereotypes, I highly doubt that a ten year old child would be able to have noticed. The argument that was made by the author of the article was that the black child was saved by the white people. But really an african american population is a huge part of Brazil and that is what most likely a child race would be if they were native to the country. Also the article said that it depicted the city Rio as a dancing slum kind of place. But the director of Rio is from Brazil and he knows what happens there. So I would think that it's accurate. Especially during Carnival. So in conclusion I would have no problem showing this to my child because the movie shows only small stereotypes that are meant for humor. Things like people there love soccer and can't get enough of it. The first article about Rio, the pro Rio article, was right in was its contents were.

   Honestly Rio does not have enough stereotyping to compare it to another animated film. But the film I've selected to do the comparison is Shrek. Shrek is considered one of the greatest kid movies ever made and I have no argument. But there are some minor things is Shrek. For example the villagers in the movie all think that ogres are terrible gross creatures. They stereotyped what ogres in the past were like to what Shrek was. Also Donkey and Puss in Boots have voices that fit their personalities according to the media. Donkey has a black voice because he is annoying and he is a donkey! If you know what I mean. And Puss in Boots has a suave voice which has an accent that could make anyone fall in love with him. Lastly, the royalty in the movie all are beautiful and not just average looking. But these minor things in Shrek barely stick out at all. But in comparison to Rio, I do think that Rio is just a little better with stereotypical content and not storyline or humor content only because of the minor things in Shrek.

Monday, December 12, 2011


I think the other groups had different ratings set for different age groups because they want to include themselves in everything. They were not thinking about the young manipulative children but rather themselves by making what is currently now M ratings to 16 and up rather than 18. 16 year olds can barely drive let alone be capable of watching these types of brutal homicide and other disgraceful acts being portrayed.

   There are good reason to be concerned about violence on tv and movies. Parents have the job of keeping their kids stable and a huge part of that job is limiting what is on the television. Kids see terrible things acted out but portray them as reality and get caught up in what is and what isn't happening. But seeing things on the news is different. The news is current events sometimes they are not the most beautiful sights but the news can not show dead bodies mutilated or anything like that but movies and tv can because it's "acting".

I dont think we need to go as far into restrictions as making laws against it. I think it is the parents job to limit and if they don't it's their price to pay. Television today has come so far but putting laws on it now will just cause uproar from the public. Even broadcasts like football games have violence. Some limiting just can go too far.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picture Ads Over The Years

Picture ads have changed alot over the years but they have kept the same basic format. The ads have lost lots of words to make them short and sweet. My ads show foods. The older ads are a lot less colorful but the newer ads are shiny and colorful. The two bottom ads focus on telling the reader about the  product but the two top ads show the the picture and a couple words. The ads have remained the same by keeping pictures in them and the big titles. To get the point across. These types of ads are relevant to everyone still. I see these in magazines to fill empty space and to announce their product.